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We charge by square foot for carpet cleaning. We have always strived to keep our costs low. We only charge for the carpet we actually clean, not by the room size. We charge 18 cents per square foot, a dollar a stair, carpet protective is 10 cents a square foot. To move furniture we charge 20 cents a square foot. We specialize in pet stains, hard to clean stains and stains that your just not sure what it is. We can black light pet stains to find them. Urine floresses green in black light so that we can find the sorce. We clean furniture as well. We have been known to clean and detail a car, motor homes, restraunts, apartments, offices, and stores. We have a minimum charge of 60$. We clean what you want us to clean. We will give you a written estimate before we begin and so there are no hidden costs. What we tell you we will charge is what we charge. We will only charge more if you request more cleaned. Many a person has said "That's all? Well can you clean this as well?" We don't rush and we will give you our honest opinion based on over 35 years of experience as to how well your carpet will clean, how fast it will dry, and if you should replace your carpets.